14 Things That Make Boating Memorable

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Boat TraderIf you would like to create some lasting memories with family and friends, getting a boat is the way to go. Each time on the water is a new adventure, and many times the thrill of the unknown only enhances the overall experience for everyone aboard. Here are the top 14 reasons from a national boat trader that you should see before buying your own boat.

1. Travel to surrounding cities will take a fraction of the time it would using your car and trying to navigate traffic.

2. Now you can escape from the stress of your day and explore new areas in your state.

3. You may spot whales and dolphins living in their natural habitat and giving you a show of a lifetime.

4. Now you have the freedom to leave the docks and go anywhere you want without dealing with traffic signals, road construction, or road rage.

5. Leave the shore behind and travel to distant lands far from prying eyes.

6. Get out there in search of that amazing fishing spot only you know about, a place where the fish literally jump into your fishing nets.

7. Don’t sit at that crowded beach watching fireworks, create your own unique spectacular view while parked anywhere in the water with your boat.

8. If you take good care of the boat, there will always be eager buyers ready to take it off your hands when the time comes to sell.

9. Create amazing barbecues that you and your friends will talk about for years.

10. Listen a concert by the shore from the boat for free without having to deal with any crowds or traffic.

11. Create memories with family that will last them lifetime. Cruise with others and if you own a major builder like Sea Ray, there are clubs around the nation. Imagine all the photographs you take with beautiful scenery in the background of your pictures.

12. Enjoy water activities like snorkeling, water skiing, and tubing from the back of the boat. Combine a few or create some of your own adventures too.

13. Pulling up to restaurants like a celebrity. Impress your date or take friends to places off the beaten path.

14. Go on an adventure. Just hit the water and go where the waves take you. You never know what will happen when you just go with the flow.

These 14 memorable boating ideas are only a few of the reasons more people are taking to the water each year. Don’t let these times slip away, get out there today with your boat and start living the dream and enjoying all that money you work so hard to make.